Kyle & Cara // engaged

Kyle, Cara and I met when we were in the same Alpha group through our church. We loved the vibe of our Alpha group so much, that we all continued to hang out and be friends afterward. Kyle and Cara followed their two friends out to Portland, taking a three-month road trip across the U.S. on the way. They are two of the chillest, most laid-back and kind people you’ll ever meet.

A few months ago, Kyle and Cara got engaged (very excite!). They asked me to take their engagement photos, and I said, “I know the perfect spot.” At the end of October on a temperate day, Kyle, Cara, my intern-friend Kylen and I headed out into the Gorge to capture some epic moments. And epic it was,

First stop - one of my absolute favorite spots to photograph (and my favorite waterfall!) - Latourell Falls. It’s amazing how you can make it look like there is no one else there when there are like… 50 other people there. The spray from the waterfall produces this incredible hair-whipping wind. You can’t help but laugh when you’re trying to stand next to it. It’s just a little too ridiculous(ly fun).

After, we headed out to Cascade Locks to another favorite photo spot where we gallivanted around the “island” until the sun disappeared. We brought beers. We brought outfit changes. We laughed and played like 12-year-olds the entire day. It was so stinking fun.

Afterward, there was only one thing to do - get ice cream (I always try to get mine with sprinkles. yummmm). Back in Portland, everyone was in a bit of shock over how fun it was. “Can we do it again?” was the resounding chorus.

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